What is FASTag ?

What is FASTag

What is FASTag? It is radio frequency identification (RFID) tag will be placed on the car’s windscreen, which will be linked to the bank account or the payment wall of the National Highways Authority of India. With this, the car owners will not have to stop passing through the toll plaza and the amount will be automatically deducted from the account.

According to the National Highways Fee (Rate and Collection Determination) Rules, 2008, the FASTag lane at a toll plaza is specifically reserved for the movement of FASTag users. If a car owner passes FASTag lane without FASTag, he will be charged double the fees.

Where you can take FASTag ?

You can buy Fastag sticker offline from any Sakari bank. Apart from this, Fastag can also be called by applying online. For this, you will have to go to the Fastag application website of the bank and fill the details and apply. When your Fastag account is created, it can also be controlled from the mobile app. You can recharge it from your bank account.

What is FASTag
What is FASTag

How to FASTag work ?

The ministry has appointed central charge officers in several states to monitor changes in the system and to work in coordination with the National Highways Authority (NHAI). It is being implemented by NHAI itself. The officer mentioned above said that most commercial vehicles have already adopted the FASTags system. Private car owners are still waiting to get rid of cash tolling. The official said, ‘We are trying to make all the people driving on toll plazas aware of FASTags. We will also finally give FASTag the facility to recharge like a mobile.

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