What is CAB or Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

CAB stands for Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, In this citizenship bill, immigrants from Hindu Sikh Jain Buddhist Parsi Christian community of Afghanistan (Bangladesh) and Pakistan (Pakistan) who came to India due to religious persecution etc. and or were already in India from 31 December 2014 They are to be granted citizenship on the basis of documents, It is to be noted that in this, citizenship will also be given to those citizens whose documents have expired, a provision has been made to give Indian citizenship to all those who have expired. The bill excludes states in the North East, which have interline permits and are included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution. Earlier this bill was also introduced in 2016 but it was not passed then. The law in India at the moment was that you needed valid documents to come to India. If you do not have a valid document and you are an illegal migrant then you will not be granted citizenship.

The main points of the 2016 Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 were as follows:-

  1. Illegal migrants before 1 December 2014 to be given a chance to become lawful citizens.
  2. Provision in the old law of citizenship that 11 years have passed while you were in India before applying for citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 , that time limit is now being reduced to 6 years, that is, after 6 years in India only. You can apply for Indian citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 .
  3. Citizens of Indian origin residing in other countries who do not have official citizenship of India are granted Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status, such people are granted long-term visas if that citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 is in India If they violate the law, their status of Overseas Citizen of India will be abolished.

Now some more amendments have been made in this Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 presented are as follows:-

  1. This bill will not be applicable in states with Central Line Permit and in the North-East (e.g., Assam Manipur Meghalaya etc.) states under the Sixth Schedule of India.
  2. The status of Overseas citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 of India was taken away from you in the event of breaking the law, and now a separate list of such laws will be created, which can be taken away if you violate it.

Benefits of Cab or Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

People of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsis and Christians living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are being given this benefit. It is noteworthy that Muslim communities are majority in all these countries, so the government believes that they do not need this benefit. They cannot be tortured on religious or any other basis, so this bill is being brought only for minorities who live in the above mentioned countries.

What questions are being raised –Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

While the people supporting the government are strongly supporting this bill, there is also no decrease in the number of people who are in opposition to this bill, so this bill is considered to be quite controversial.

when the opposition says that India is a secular state (Secular state), then why Muslim people are not being included in it, that is, the provision of citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 on the basis of religion, of the total articles of our Constitution Opposes. And also to say that only Pakistan is not India’s neighbor of Bangladesh and Afghanistan, why Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka etc. why people of minority communities living in neighboring countries are not being offered citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 of India by this bill.

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019
citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

What effect it will have on the country, it will be known only after the implementation of this bill that the bill will take the form of law after the final signature of the President.

After this bill becomes law, the government will clarify its draft, what kind of procedure will be given to citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 of India, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsis and Christian people living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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